PROSPECTION RECORDS accepts and publishes only author's tracks and official remixes in the following music genres : House, Tech House, Deep House, Garage House, G-House, Indie Dance, Club House, Vocal House, Disco House, Funky House, Soulful House and Nu Disco. Your author's tracks can be sent to demos@prospectionrecords.com specifying the name (nickname) of the author, the title of the track and the musical genre, as well as the contact information. If we like your music and decide to publish it, we will contact you.


1. Send your demo tracks only in the form of a private link SoundCloud.

2. We consider only complete songs. Send your demo tracks entirely.

3. Your must send author's tracks and official remixes.

4. The tracks must not be subscribed to any other record label, as well as be previously published. It is also prohibited to post tracks for free downloading in social networks and in any Internet resources.

5. You must have the copyright to your tracks and official remixes. The tracks and remixes must be completely yours, from the idea to the technical performance.

6. Be sure to specify the author's name and track title, the music genre, your contact information, as well as the date of creation of the track or the remix.

7. To send us your track at the initial stage of listening, it is enough to provide a private link SoundCloud, MP3, 320 kbps.

8. If you are interested in the FREE DOWNLOAD PROMOTION service, please indicate this in your letter.

We also inform you that if we consider your music to release on our labels, please keep in mind that the process of release of your music in the online stores can take up to one month. Do not expect your release to be ready within a week. It all takes time: cover design, mastering and digital agreement.